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Finder search note 9 pie +oneUi


I have just updated to android pie and the one ui on my note 9, i am disappointed to find that i can no longer search and locate installed apps like i could before, i really hope im just being stupid and its a setting i have missed. Any help would be appreciated

Worked for me too. Thanks!

Worked for me too. Thanks!

I tried everything that was suggested here as well called remote support. Nothing worked. Finally I instaaled Novo Launcher app. Loving it. Easy to organize and looks great. FInds app very nicely !!

I have tried turning on Bixby back (I usually put this app into the "sleeping" list, so that it does not open when I accidentally press Bixby button on my S8), then updating all Galaxy apps, but it didn't work.


Finally, I recalled that there was an OS update which I did not install (Settings -> OS update [or however this item is named in English version of the interface]). I installed this update and the issue was resolved - Finder app finally started to show apps which I was searching.


Hope that it helps.


I tried to reset data for Samsung UI, and it worked for me.

Thanks.  I was going nuts from this 

same here.

I was able to get it working by going into settings then into apps and then selecting each bixby app and clearing the data in each. then restaqrted the phone and all is working now. Hope this helps someone else.

My problem: When I try to swipe down for the notification list I get the "finder search", a list of application installed on my phone. Same list I get where I swipe from the bottom up.

I have no need for 2 ways to get an app list. I do need to get my notification with a swipe.

Updating all Samsung apps including Bixby worked on my note 8

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