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Faulty fingerprint sensor?

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I suddently noticed that I need 2-3 attempts to unlock phone with fingerprint reader. It happens after phone is idle for 1+ hours. 

I created finger scans from scratch but this did not resovled the issue.

I entered service mode: *#0*# - then SENSORS - Finger print reader - run the test


These are test restults: - same each time i press and hold finger for 5 secons


What is odd, I run test on S8 and S7 with even worsed results :smiling-face:

What are your test results?

@masi0: I just ran a couple of fingerprint sensor hardware tests and both produced 'Pass' results in all fields, and did so with multiple attempts. With this in mind I recommend visiting an authorised Support Centres where an engineer can inspect your Note 9. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'Mobile Device' and enter your post code.
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