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Double Seal on my Samsung Note9

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Yesterday i received my Samsung Note9. Is it normal with this seal? Can I check the number of the seal somewhere, is it original? The seal number is:  GH68-4572/K.


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Superuser I

Who supplied the phone @OVO_Development 


Something like that would have my concerns as the original seal may have been broken thus access to the contents and then resealed.





They are writing:


New, not used, not from the exhibition (full set of the producer sealed)................................................and yet we have a seal on the seal...


So, can you check the number of the seal? After all, such seals can be bought anywhere. How do you check if the phone is originally packed in these times? After all, he could lie on the exhibition for months ....


Seller response:


"It is difficult for me to say why there are double seals, we get such from the supplier."



I asked if they could exchange me for the phone with the original single seal.


My thoughts are theres no reason to break the original seal unless it's been sent out to someone else and they've returned it within any applicable returns period or it's been opened to add or remove something. 




Or the phone was on display for several months .........

The store has agreed to pick up the phone and send a new one with the original seal. We will see on days.

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