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Dex adapters for the Note 9 in the UK?

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I have the Note 9.

I want to use Dex.

I cannot find any official Samsung adapters (cable, Pad, Dock, Station) in the UK.

Why would Samsung restrict availability in the UK? Or am I looking in the wrong place? 

It seems that elsewhere in the world Samsung offers a number of cables, the Pad and the Dock / Station. 

It is also not clear to me whether the third-party alternatives that claim Dex compatibility will actually work - from simple USB-C to HDMI cables through to Dex Docking Station lookalikes.

Any information from Samsung or UK-based Note9 Dex users appreciated.




Any USB-C to HDMI cable, or USB-C Hub should work. I have a Satechi USB-C hub which works well. 


You can get these hubs for relatively cheap prices from Amazon, such as


Worth trying and if there's a problem just return. 

Many thanks @5amsung5Ever - I'll investigate further.
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