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camera problem with live focus and zoom

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helo im from isreal but the costumer servise here its horrible so im trying  here 
i bought mt galaxy note 9 in isreal 2 weeks and 3 days ago 
and i noticed a problem with the camera when i put the camera in live focus mode the camera starts to vaibrate and make 
noises and the image its not focusing and it also happens in auto mode when i pass the 2.0 number in the zoom bar.
anyone may know why this is happening? 
and maybe have a solution fo me 
thank you all in advansed .

Same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S10. it's 7 days old. Updating OS, Camera App and set the phone back to factory settings did not fix the problem. So this has to be an hardware issue.

The Tele-Lens only detects really close objects: You place your hand infront of the back camera, the 2,0x Lens sets the focus, you remove your hand from the view-angle, the camera set's the focus to the far away object for 1-2 seconds and then the image gets blurry. (in Normal foto mode and video).

The front camera has the same problems at all camera modes.

Note 9 experiencing the same issue. This started off just occasionally which was just annoying,  has been getting worse since, now is an issue.

It happened occasionally on my old S8 which turned out to be a sticking unit but this appears to be unable to focus in zoom (around 50% + of the time).

Wouldn't expect this from such a high end model.

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