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Bluetooth in note9 disconnecting from car system


My bluetooth connection disconnects automatically after 10-12 seconds from my land rover discovery sports 2016. All other phones have a stable connection with my discovery but note 9 disconnects every 10 seconds. Any solution please?


I am calling the land rover complaint centre today as soon as they open. (I am in Manchester UK) . It's still very early in the morning here. I let you know their response but by the sound of your description,  they seem to have no solution for apparently simple looking problem. Should we go to an authorized private auto electrician who can help or should we try googling how to update the land rover's bluetooth system! Its absolutely bluetooth!!so frustrating. 

We will keep each other updated! I have a hard time thinking we are the only two people on the planet who are having this issue. Good idea with taking it to a mechanic that specializes in Land Rovers. I actually have one I might call if this doesn't get resolved. When I called to file the complaint, they said it would take two days for a response. We shall see!

Sure. Thanks for your support. I will also inform you of any development. I cant think we are the only two on the planet with the same problem. A surprising thing though is if Land rover's bluetooth system is so outdated, why it connects so perfectly with iPhone XR as well as with all other phones I have tried so far. That what led me to believe initially that its Samsung's Note9 's fault.

Hello. Unfortunately you're not alone. I have the same issues with my galaxy note 9, as well as my son's galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ after the upgrade to Android Pie. 

I drive Discovery Sport 2018. I went to the dealer and they updated the car's software to the latest version. But the problem insists. 

They told me, that Samsung has to find the bug and fix it.

But I consider to buy another smartphone before I have an accident. It's impossible also to have a normal conversation due to continuously connecting,disconnecting, reconnecting...

Yes! This is so frustrating and agonising when it happens during the conversation. I will have to ditch my note 9 as well due to this awful reason or Samsung better need to sort this out soon.


The problem appears to be Samsung's bluetooth software for the phone connection as the music connection works fine when the phone connection is off.


This is workaround that worked for me. Download a bluetooth app such as 'call to bluetooth' . I am a Samsung note 9 and land rover user.

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Hi, a similar thing seems to be happening for me too.  I have a 2018 disco sport but I've notice that my note 9 gets disconnected seemingly when I get a new notification from an email, message or app. 


I cleared all the notifications from my lockscreen and connected the phone to the car and started playing music.  While driving I got disconnected and noticed the blue notification blinking, coincidence maybe?  I'm going to try a couple of things like putting it in do not disturb mode and see if that helps.

Found in another post (and the solution is discovered by  ), but for my S10+ "dropping" connection this was the only solution which works.


I did the following:

1. Bluetooth advanced settings, dual audio on (volume and ringtone sync off).

2. Developer settings, changed PBAP version to 1.1 and turned multiple PBAP properties off.

3. Unpair car from phone, and remove phone from car. 

4. Initiate a new pairing with the phone, and when asked I allowed only contact sync, not messages sync.


No problems since, both phone and music connected. I do not know exactly which of those changes made it work, or combination thereof. I don't dare lab with that haha! Hope that helps! 



Thanks belongs to the man who discovered this solution (somewhere posted in the S9 forum!!



Just done all the steps you mentioned but it unfortunately did not work and it keeps disconnecting.  Hope there is some other solution for my Note 9.  So frustrating! 

Hello everyone! I've tried everything you have described. I have also driven my car to the dealer for a new update. But my galaxy note 9, as well my son's galaxy s8+ continue with the same issue. I changed phone with huawei and iPhone and everything is absolutely fine. I'm afraid to own a Samsung device....
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