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After update to Samsung email on Feb 13, the Samsung theme not apply to it any more


Hi there,


There is an update for Samsung Email  on Feb 13, and I intalled it.

After that, Samsung theme cannot apply to the email app anymore. I have tried many different themes, not of them works. The email app just shows as default white black color.


Apparently, Samsung changed something on this APP. Now all my paid dark themes are useless because of this.


The Email App version i s, Is there any way to uninstall the update for email app?


Hopefully, Samsung will see this post and releast a new update soon. This really sucks!

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Superuser I

There has been people who have posted with similar issues to yours @XNote9  about the compatibility of the themes with the new Samsung One Ui.


I'd suggest to go into the Playstore and let the developer of the theme know the issues so that they can hopefully update their theme.


Others have either found another theme that works better for them or moved back to the stock Samsung Theme for now.


I'm using the stock Samsung Theme and all is readable and fine. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

Thank you. I've already left the complain in the Galaxy App Store. There are many other users complain the same thing, hopefully Samsung will hear this.

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Totally frustrating  I hope Samsung fix this problem soon.

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I totally agree!  I paid for the theme wirh the dark email component and now it doesn't work! Super frustrating! I paid a thousand dollars for the Galaxy Note 9 so I could have what I wanted and for that ridiculous amount of money any display "enhancements" should be optional. I also paid heavily for a large screen that now is wasted by all the trim/framing around messages and call screens! Hate it!

Same. Samsung email app not theming with the Galaxy S10 plus. 

We paid money for these Samsung Galaxy Themes and they they are not working with Samsung's email client.



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This is a bit late, but I'm actually troubleshooting the email right now because as you may or may not know, the recent update (according to reviews, I only just updated about ten minutes ago and decided not to chance it) will not sync. Instead of changing my email app to a later version where it does sync I decided I would just go back to when themes applied to it. You can always find older versions of the app online. Once I try a couple download sites I can let you know which one is safe so you can download the old themes version if you'd like.

HI Ayonix,


Thank you for testing on this. Looking forward to what you find. BTW, I am using One UI.




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