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Software support timeline?

(Topic created on: 17-02-2020 01:24 PM)
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I found a new Note 9 for $430 on eBay (upgrading from the essential ph-1) and am wonder what the software support timeline for this phone is like. Is is possible for me to get two years out of this phone? Will I be able to get the next Android version?

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Hi @stevejock1 


Typically a phone gets software updates for 2 years.


It would still generally recieve security updates after that.


Take a look in your Samsung Members app as in mine the schedule for Android 10 Samsung Ui 2.0 is in there. This is for Samsung phones supplied directly by Samsung.


i.e Screenshot_20200121-053932_Samsung Members.jpg



Note 9 was scheduled to recieve the update January 2020 for phones bought directly from Samsung orifinally.


What Android version is it on now ?


Now this also all depends on who originally supplied the phone.


If the phone is branded i.e supplied by a network then that network may want to test the firmware before allowing it to be sent out to it. This is what generally happens in the UK which is where my knowledge is derived from. Things maybe different in other countries.


If the phone was originally sold in another country and then imported to another country known as a grey import then updates can be much slower or non existent.


Some people try the Samsung Smartswitch software to see if their phone has any pending updates if nothing is showing in the phones own software update section.


You can check the phones status via downloading the phoneinfo app from the Playstore and see what its active CsC is.


When you see the active CsC then google that code and it should give you some indication.



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