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Regarding Battery Health

(Topic created on: 28-08-2023 10:17 AM)
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This is a suggestion, but for tech savvy users like me. It would be nice if there's an option to set charging limits for the battery. Eg:- It won't charge the phone past 70% - 80%. User should have the option choose it manually. Because I have read and studied about the battery degradation issues of Li-ion Batteries, they are always safe to have charge in between 20% - 80% (Charging it to  max could have pressure on one side of the terminal of the battery, and that could wear battery quickly). But for the users who wants to use the extra juice, they could have the option to charge device fully to 100%.

I already love the feature that samsung provides in their software, to disable and enable fast charging in battery settings. I use this feature alot personally, when at home, I always disable fast charging. I only use it when I have a need to charge the battery faster only.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2023 as of writing this post, still it works pretty fine for me, no performance hit on my day to day work, but now the battery drains a bit faster after 5 years of usage. Still love the phone. Reason I'm keeping it is that it has no notch or anything, and has a headphone jack, SD Card slot and the S-Pen. Love the whole package, sad now most of those valuable features are not there in the new phones.


Hi @SamRane, thanks for sharing your suggestion, but there is a feature similar to this on our recent phones. There's an option that will limit the battery to 85%. This can be enabled by going into Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > More battery settings > Tap the toggle next to 'Protect battery'. 

Black Belt 
You already can on the newer S series smartphones