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One UI Reviews

(Topic created on: 29-01-2019 06:20 PM)
Galaxy Note9 Series

So quite a few of us have finally received the one UI update and have probably spent some time playing around. Hopefully the ones who havent received it get it soon. I have had it for around 24 hours now and here are my initial impressions 


- Smoother experience overall. Especially in apps like chrome, Instagram, Facebook I don't have those micro stutters anymore. 

- Better one handed use. This was the whole purpose of this new UI and i think it does a good job overall but I still find myself using the phone with 2 hands anyway. 

- Love the new always on display where i can choose to activate it by tapping the screen once rather than it being on always. 

- Love the new feature where even if you are on portrait mode and turn ur phone to landscape in apps like gallery it offers you an option on the screen to switch only on that app rather than having to switch the whole phone to landscape.

- In built option to scale down animations this makes the phone really fast. No need to do it via developer options anymore. Just use the toggle in settings. 

-overall more rounded look. Reminds me of miui

- Intelligent scan works really fast now making it more usable. 

- I also like the new gesture based navigation rather than the buttons, it lets you have more screen visible rather than the navigation buttons occupying the screen. It takes a bit of getting used to though.

- Everything else is pretty much the same for me. Fortunately haven't had many app crashes or bugs yet. 



- Not compatible with older themes. So purchases may be rendered useless. 

- Icons are far too cartoony for my taste but i guess this is an easy fix from the theme store

- Night mode is more grey than black i still prefer a black theme. 

- People have reported app crashes and bugs. Personally i haven't experienced any. 

- Battery life is pretty much the same. I was hoping for an improvement.


Overall I quite like it and will stick to this for the new useful features. What do you guys think? What did you like or dislike about the one UI? 



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Galaxy Note9 Series

Personally I don't mind the icons and am sure I'll adjust to them or use an icon pack later.


I like the rounded corners and night mode and how Samsung have tried to make things more one handed.


I also like how AOD doesn't show until you tap the screen.


The only issues I've come across thus far are...


I use two different network sim cards in my Note 9 and on Oreo a box used to encase the signal I am using in my phones status bar.


This has now disappeared so at a glance cannot see which signal is being used.


I know some like the multitasking cards but I prefer the list view which has now gone.



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