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Note 9 Dex Screen

(Topic created on: 27-11-2018 11:38 AM)
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Galaxy Note9 Series


First time posting anywhere, ever. So please bare with me.


My trusty notebook (Lenovo Helix i7) recently bombed out. Being a minimalist, I decided to push DeX. The convergence is logical, and thus, inevitable. Now with a Note 9, HDMI cable, portable bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and a month into the process my panic attack has started to lift. My interfacing skills a short distance behind. Desktop Hub (app), being very helpful in managing my anxiety. The apps, I feel confident, will catch up. Again logical!


My current conceptual challenge is mobile screen space when out of office (ooo). I have, to date, been unable to find a practical on the move screen option. The two primary constraints I feel are: 1) the DeX interface (HDMI, wireless HDMI, other). 2) power for that screen. From research done I cannot find a VERY usable mobile option. 


My techie logic dictates a screen with a wireless DEX/HDMI interface and it's own power. But open to other ideas.


My two questions if I may:

1) what options exist today that get's closest to the above requirement? A self supporting screen that interface to a Note 9 DeX (coffee shop notebook equivalent)

2) what are the immediately next visionary, (even next of next 🙂 blurry visionary ideas, for screen protocols to take the DeX concept level to mobile one device?


Things will ultimately go this route. Or something similar. I have no doubt what so ever. 



Galaxy Note9 Series
Glad to hear that you love DeX.

The challenge that you state is something I'm personally well aware of :winking-face: It is kind-of-possible now (Samsung really doesn't block any hardware developer for creating some hardware-dock-screen with an own battery which would effectivelly turn your phone in a laptop. Add a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse and you are pretty much done.

With some tricks it also can be done (Add a portable mouse, a portable keyboard, a portable screen WITH a power supply) and put that together and you have the functionality. The downside is however that its quite... Messy :winking-face:

Regarding the vision: Samsung will probably not tell what the plans are (Trade secret). But I personally believe that we will go towards one device that will rule them all. And what device is better than your smartphone :winking-face:

Sure, there will always be computers for people with a heavy-duty workload. But the smartphone is perfect for most people (Including business users).