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Like to get oreo back on my Note 9

(Topic created on: 09-03-2019 08:58 AM)
Galaxy Note9 Series



I just updated my Note 9 to the new software Android 9.

Oreo was the best fit for me.

The new lay out reminds me of the old and cheap androids back in the days.

I like to downgrade my Android back when it looks at it best without reseting my phone is this possible?

I dont like tge features that looks like a iphone now.


How can i undo this mistake?

I paid 1299€ Cash for this phone the 512gb i like to hope that i'am able to use my own choice of android and not get pushed to something i dont like.

Can you help Samsung.


Thanks in advance.




Mr. Mack

Galaxy Note9 Series
You can always factory reset it if you prefer oreo, please note that oreo is currently unsupported by Samsung so you won't get security updates.
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Hey @M4CK 


If you're on the Beta version on the One UI, you'll be able to de-register and revery back to Oreo.

However, if you're on the full version of Android Pie you'd be unable to revert back.



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I can't advise here how to roll back firmware.


Please use Google Search and or look on the xdadevelopers site to learn how.


A person doing this does so at their own sole responsibility knowing that a phone can be put Into an unusable state and possible manufacturing warranty being voided.



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I absolutly agree!! I'm with T-mobile, have been stuggling with buying a new phone for a year. My old Note 4 was wonderful. I was just beginning to love the Note 9.

Ive had the Note 9 for almost a month, today it updated to piece of PIE. I called T-mobile and asked if they would help get it back, she said no that it was Samsung who issues the updates,,, they said they would(in broken Engrish) get me over to Samsung tech support.  

I got transfered over to Samsung. The lady asked what she could do to help, I gave her the story and she said "sorry, thats just the way it goes"  I was shocked!  I said; "if this is the way this phone had been when I tried it out in the T-Mobile store, I wouold have NEVER have gotten it". She was quiet, then she said; "Is there anything I can help you with?"  REALLY?!?!?!

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Galaxy Note9 Series

Unfortunately, factory reset resets back to version 9 in stead of 8.1 😞
So, in fact it's no factory reset. 
How do i get back to Oreo, cause I don't want Pie.