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Light bleed on note 9

(Topic created on: 21-11-2018 09:37 PM)
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So I just noticed that my note 9 looks like it is leaking light from the display on the left side between the metal frame and the glass.


After some research it seems to be that it's a case of a bad paint job rather than actual light bleed. 


Some say it's a result from edge phones, but I've had almost every edge phone prior to this and have not noticed anything even similar to what I am experiencing here. 


I have attached an image below. The light leak is very visible whenever I use the phone without a case and I just can't accept a phone costing this much having something like this.. 


I wanted to ask here if someone else have had similar issues and if Samsung repairs this under warranty? 




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When the Note 9 was first launcher there was some posts created in regards to the light bleed you speak of @Tayzman


Personally my Note 9 does not have light bleed. 


You would need to go back to the seller of the Note 9 to ask them what their exchange policy is. i.e if a network supplied it then it's them that needs to be asked. 


I'm not sure this can be repaired as it's from the manufacturing process of the phone. 


I've also seen past posts where people have encountered this on past curved screen phones and not just Samsung makes. 


Some said because they use a case then the issue is not a problem. 


I use a Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper so even if the phone I'm using had light bleed that would mask it. 


I appreciate what your saying about the expense of the device, and I also agree with what some said that once they has seen the light bleed they couldn't un-see it. 


Please let us know how you get on. 





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I'm also experiencing the same issue. Samsung should replace my faulty device.