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Galaxy note 9 SM-N960F - Battery drains too fast after the September 2020 software update

(Topic created on: 27-09-2020 08:52 AM)

Hey all,


I have been using my note 9 since 2018 and after each software update the battery sometimes became excellent or sometimes just not so good. Although my note 9 is old but I have been very careful with it. 


After September 2020 update, the battery has started to drain too fast. Whether I use the phone or its on standby, the battery keeps draining at the same rate. It drains 30-40% overnight (which is very unusual). I have even tried to uninstall many apps but still the issue is same.  Just to be sure, before sleeping I cleared all the background apps so that nothing runs in background to suck battery. The phone battery is always on "optimized" mode with "adaptive power saving" always turned on. 


Before I could easily spend an entire day with single charge, but now I have been charging twice a day. Does anybody know any solution? or is there any way that I can revert to the older software version?


Following is the current software version of my phone, and the overnight background battery usage activity by different apps (no app is taking a serious amount of battery): 


Software versionSoftware versionOvernight battery usageOvernight battery usage


Thank you!


First Poster

I have got the same phone as yours experiencing the same issue with battery