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Bixby, Note 9, SmartThings app issues

(Topic created on: 12-07-2019 03:10 PM)
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I am posting this in the Note 9 section because the issue is with the Note 9. I have a 2016 55" 4k smart tv. Before getting the Note 9 I had the Note 8. The Note 8 and my tv were communicating perfectly with the SmartThings all. I could tell Bixby to turn the tv on or off and change volume.
Now that I've got the Note 9. It appears to be impossible to get Bixby and the tv to communicate correctly via SmartThings app. The app finds my tv but will not allow me to assign it a room so that Bixby can control it. I have been back and forth with the SmartThings support for nearly 4 months. And they are constantly changing what the issue is that is causing this problem. The last email I received stated that my tv could not connect to the cloud. Therefore Bixby and SmarThings app will not function properly. Obviously that is a total joke considering an older phone had 0 issues.

So I'm posting on here to hopefully get a better type of support. When I use the ST app, I can get the tv to show up under "all devices" but not in the "devices" tab where it needs to be so that I can assign a room. Please tell me someone can solve this using the Note 9. I'm getting ready to give up and quit buying samsung products altogether.

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I also having problem with smart things on note 9 . I tried to uninstall the smart things app and then reinstall again. It worked! Now i can connect with all of my smart device from samsung