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Worse cooling and worse performance

(Topic created on: 28-08-2020 01:39 AM)

It's getting really frustrating that Samsung is using different chips and now different cooling systems in one of their most premium phone lines with one of the most premium prices ever. It's bad enough that I have to use a phone with the clearly inferior in every way Exynos chip while knowing the fact that there are many other Notes out there using a Snapdragon chip and were probably cheaper to purchase than my Exynos variant phone. Now the real salt to injury is the fact that Samsung uses 2 different cooling systems in their phones. For all I know, my note uses the inferior Graphite cooling sticker which is historically known to not be as good in heat distribution and dissipation as a vapour chamber cooling system is. Really disappointing and I would return my Note 20 Ultra if I could. But where I live, there is no such thing as returns or refunds unfortunately. No more pre orders for me. Gotta wait to see phonebuff, jerryrigeverything and ifixit. I recommend that everyone does as well. We as consumers need to start getting phones that are equal and not phones that are inferior for no good reasons. Unless Samsung can explain that there is some rights or clearance issue for not using snapdragon or vapour chamber cooling in some countries, we are clearly being ripped off. Samsung has become more Apple like or even worse than ever before. Really disgusting.

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I was speaking to another Note 20 owner on these boards and he made me aware of the different cooling systems in the Note 20 phone's which I hadn't heard of before.


No idea why Samsung have adopted this unless it's down to the region where phone's have been built and parts available.  


Unfortunately this can then lead to people who are having issues then wanting a certain phone build as the one they have seems to present problems which is fully understandable.


I've come across this before with other phones from other manufacturers when they've used two different makes of phone screen panel.


I agree that one chipset should be used across the board and there's lots of viewpoints on the Internet from youtubers to tech people as to why Samsung does this. One viewpoint is one chip works better with certain region mobile networks than the others. 


I've said before that when placing an order for a phone you should be able to along with colour and storage choice choose other options such as Snapdragon or Exynos.


That said it's not only Exynos phone users who have expressed disappointment. Snapdragon users have also.


That's not good in that a person in your country does not have a cooling off period  / consumer rights @GavPro  I've not heard of that before !


Given that I wouldn't pre order either but wait and watch to see what the early adopters say before investing.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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I have heard that snapdragon is primarily used in the US due to how it's easier to get the chip certified for their carriers or something like that than exynos. However there were no other reports or rumours about exynos being easier to certify overseas than snapdragon as we can already see that South Korea started using Snapdragon chips which caused the Samsung Mobile Chip Division to feel embarrassed. As for the cooling system, it appears so far that there is no pattern for which of the cooling systems would be used. Both exynos and snapdragon variants have been shown to have either of the cooling systems which makes it all the more peculiar. All things considered, an exynos Note 20 Ultra with the graphite cooling system sounds like a recipe for disaster considering how the exynos gets considerably more warm than the snapdragon variants in tests. I don't know which cooling system my exynos Note 20 Ultra uses but it does get considerably warm. It is getting warm even right now as I type this reply.

I also watched jerryrigseverything and for him also it was very unusual for samsung to used 2 different cooling system and we're not sure which variant uses which.., having 2nd thought also about giving it back, still hopeful that samsung will update and fix the battery performance.

What does Samsung say about returning this? In my country, they dont care. Its a scandal!