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UK shortchanged on device choice!

(Topic created on: 11-05-2021 06:45 PM)
Yes I know its an old one, however, I was reading the latest test for the Samsung S21Ultra by DxOMark and rather hope someone at Samsung will hear this final appeal from a loyal customer who has three Note 20Ultra's and an S20 Ultra on my account in the past 12 months, buying new phones every year since the Note 8. We usually upgrade our Note mobiles as I can put them through the business. 

The issue that highlighted my exasperation with a Samsung device fitted with the pathetic Exynos chip, is following being stranded on the M20 for 7 hours last week. First, I got caught in a three-hour traffic jam following an accident ahead of me. I had my car valeted the day before and hadn't been home, I never had the opportunity to put a charging cable back in the car. As soon as the traffic jam had started moving, the HGV in front went into the second lane and started to crush a small Fiat. Another traffic jam, this time, my car simply could not be moved as it was blocked in by the accident in front and the emergency services behind. After seven hours, my phone went dead! 

It's not as if you would expect someone using the phone just for phone calls, and by calls, I mean around 70 minutes worth in total from full charge to flat. I regularly optimise my phone and don't have hardly any location services or Apps on etc. Samsungs flagship device of only six months ago, couldn't last seven hours from charged just using it for a little over an hour on calls! So this is why my post has relevance to the Exynos Chip.

Tom's guide published a report today, DxOMark, which is usually known for its camera tests, has now started testing the battery life of smartphones. As expected, the Galaxy M51 topped DxOMark’s battery test chart with a score of 88 points. The Snapdragon 888 version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra scored 70 points, while the Exynos 2100 version of the phone scored 57 points. A massive difference!

So here's my conclusion. If Samsung intends on using the dramatically inferior Exynos Chip in this summers expected Note 21, then I'm going to revert back to the phone named after a fruit. I have three Note 20 Ultra's, S20 Ultra, Tab S6, Tab S7 and Galaxy Flex Pro Laptop. I even have a few Samsung TV's! I like to have my phones, tablets and laptop's all by the same manufacturer. It makes connection and sharîng of messages, history, etc etc shared and kept up to date easier. 

I cannot be the only customer who has finally got fed up of being taken advantage of with an inferior AND more expensive phone than a US customer, can I?

Anyone else feel the same? To Samsung customer Services, please pass people dissatisfaction up the food chain!
Owned everything from the original Note to S22 Ultra. Disappointing that Samsung does innovate as they used to.
Black Belt 
I actually don't believe you and I've seen enough YouTube comparisons from real life tests to know the differences are negligible. None of the real tests done I've seen shows this. The fact that both chipsets this year are more even in terms of makeup than previous setups gives me good reason to think so too.

So I appreciate what you say but honestly like I said, I don't believe you.

Well whatever. Do you seriously think I'd go to the hassle of importing from Hong Kong and losing warranty just for the fun of it?

Black Belt 
Actually yes, there are many people deluded enough to believe they can tell if 5% here and there is worth it. Also you can buy it cheaper from HK too so why not?