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Tips about Battery Usage post from our friends in the Dutch Forums

(Topic created on: 26-09-2020 02:11 AM)
Galaxy Note20 Series

Hi all, this post was sent through by a user to the Note 20 boards in the Dutch forums. Thought I'd translate and add here just in case it helps anyone. By all means these tips do not need to be used, but if it helps just one person it is certainly worth it. A special thanks to @Patrick as he was the original author. 


This guide works for all Android devices but has been developed for the S20 models and Note 20 models.




Make sure the following are off when not in use.

• Bluetooth
• Wifi
• Nfc
• Auto sync
• AOD (Always on Display off) this takes a lot of battery. I would always leave AOD off.
• Edge lighting off.


Go to settings display and turn on dark mode.


Set a black background as a wallpaper, this saves about 3 to 4% battery per hour when you actively use the phone.
100% black sets the pixels of your home screen from 1 to 0 and effectively turns them off which saves power.


• Make sure you don't have any icons on your home screen because that turns certain pixels back on, so all apps in the app drawer.
• Do not use widgets.
• Keep your phone on silent all the time ringing and vibrating consumes a fair amount of power.
• If you do not need your phone for longer periods (hours), switch it to airplane mode or switch it off completely.


If you want to do extra long with your battery, set the device to energy-saving mode with HD or fullHD and 60hz. You can always do temporary or fullHD 120hz or WQHD + and 60hz if you want to use Youtubing or Netflix for example.


Make sure the brightness is not set to automatic always try to keep it normal so not 100%. The screen consumes by far the most power, so 30% to 40% is ideal or lower if you can. I understand that with youtube you turn it brighter but normally during the day I recommend lower.


Forget galaxy store, samsung account and make sure you are not tracked by your google account or samsung account if you decide to use it anyway.


Do not download extra battery savers or task managers, Android is perfectly capable of doing that yourself. External apps only drain battery.


Restart your device at least once every few days, this works wonders for performance.


Use an SD card instead of cloud storage.


Settings / appliance maintenance / battery /
energy management app / ultimate hibernation / do apps that you use less and that do not need to be constantly active.


Some examples:

• Banking / browser / dropbox / youtube are allowed to sleep
• Whatsap and important chat apps do not sleep or you will not receive notifications.
• Package disabeler pro must NOT go to sleep.


Go back in time! Do as much as possible in the browser. I recommend Google Chrome. Apps like Facebook and other social media are very battery unfriendly. Doing them in the browser saves a lot of battery. Simply save to favorites. With a fast phone like the Note 20 or S20 series you have almost the same experience in the browser as with apps.


Apps in the browser need the Android System Webview service, so don't disable it with package disabeler.


Be sensible with downloading apps from the playstore. Only install what you need.
Some people have extremely many apps and wonder why their battery is draining so quickly.




(based on the S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra but will also work with the Note 20 series)


Download package disabler pro and disable the following: see screenshots in dropbox.

(these are things that I don't use, so if something stops working let me know in this topic I will help right away)

Never use bixby or google assistant or other similar apps.


An app called simple keyboard with emojis in the playstore has consumed around 30mb instead of the Samsung keyboard which is around 300mb. You notice a clear difference in battery life.


I also turn off the playstore myself, I turn it on once a week to update all apps and then immediately turn it off again.


Nice if your phone has 12GB RAM but the operation remains the same the less you use the more battery you save, which is why the package disabler way is so effective.


People who have root and want even more extreme tweaks can send me a private message. For example, with root you can disable even more than with package disabel and more. But in most cases root will void the warranty and you will have to install new androids yourself when they come out so I don't recommend that.


Manage background data for each app separately.
This way you ensure that apps are not running in the background and do not use data so that your battery does not drain.


• Go to settings - -> Apps then click on mobile data and stop data usage in the background. Only do this if it is an app that does not matter to you, if you do this with whatsapp, for example, you will no longer receive any notifications, the app will only work when you open it.
• Go to settings - -> Apps and click on battery and then allow background activity and turn it off.


Nice extras


If you want to buy an SD card, choose the sandisk extreme pro or Kingston Canvas go plus as these are the best in terms of speed and quality. The best power bank you can use with Samsung phones. https: // ... I recommend always having a good power bank like this one in your pocket. Samsung cameras take good pictures with a lot of details but unfortunately they have too bright colors not realistic for the people who love editing photos to make them phenomenal I have a nice tip. Search for the YouTube channel NavEdits and download Google Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. (A great adventure awaits here) Very educational and super fun to make your own creations from, for example, holiday photos.



Welcome to the Community!

Galaxy Note20 Series

Agree it is utterly ridiculous that it should be even suggested to have to turn anything off ! But die hard samsung fans will accept rubbish being sold to them. My partner got her oneplus 8 pro. Superb phone, super fast, no need to switch down anything and the screen resolution is brilliant. Just waiting on my oppo to arrive.

Galaxy Note20 Series

we'll progressively start using 720p at this pace

Galaxy Note20 Series
I think we should all go to the apple store instead. samsung will never fix this issue it has been the case for years! No fix, no buy!
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Galaxy Note20 Series

This is a useful topic in my opinion. I've been running a Note 10+ and agree with most of what the OG user has posted, the only thing I take pause on is the rooting part. I did that with earlier devices in both the Android and the Apple domains - how anyone can use Apple without rooting the device is beyond me mainly due to how awful iTunes is and how it ruined my indexing of my music anyways I digress. I haven't tried rooting an Android since my Nexus 5 as to be honest it's open enough, although I do appreciate there is some "bloatware" that @PAnonemous mentioned that if I really wanted to streamline things would be beneficial (may hit you up in a DM).


I throughout the day adjust my my brightness to suit my needs and indeed save battery life. As an avid Pokemon Go player every little helps on community days for such a battery exhaustive app. Between the actual app and all the community WhatsApp groups I am in, conserving as much battery is key.


Silly things like ensuring WiFi is off, BlueTooth is off, phone is on silent etc can make the difference between being able to stay out for the whole day or having to go back to my house / car to charge my phone or indeed using an external power pack (if anyone is looking for one I would highly recommend Ankor batteries - they have seen me through 3-4 day festivals with no access to power).


Ultimately I think this thread should be a place where users can show how they tune their devices to suit their needs, one which we can at worst say "yeah did that" and at best say "why didn't I think of that".



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Galaxy Note20 Series
that just sounds like an absolute ball ache! no offence intended
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Per my experience, I have bought 5 phones over the last 5 years, all can last at least one day for the first year, obviously this one not tune well, I can compromise, but turn off all this, is it worthy the price? I abandon Sony Xperia 1 II just because it have 4000ma battery which I know not enough, also I am a tech guy, but for those customers who are not familiar with tech, it become an issue.

Galaxy Note20 Series

Some great tips. Although I wouldn't be using all of them, just the ones that work for me. Getting great battery life, averaging 60 mins of screen on time per 10 percent.