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Switching from Wifi to Mobile data problems

(Topic created on: 05/10/20 15:44)
Galaxy Note20 Series

In Canada.  On Telus network.  Pre-ordered a 5G s20 Ultra note.  This is an upgrade from a Note8.  This phone feels like the biggest lemon on the planet.


Due to covid.. I have been working from home mostly.  But in the past 2 weeks I have begun driving more and have noticed a serious problem with this phone.  It seems that as soon as I leave my home wifi the phone has difficulty changing over to mobile data automatically.  SMS won't work (will receive, but cannot send) and internet data doesn't work.


The only fix is to re-boot the phone and then the phone starts working again.


But then, as soon as I get back home I have a similar problem.  It will hop back on my wifi no problems.  Internet works fine through my wifi but my SMS messaging stops again.  I have to re-boot the phone yet again.


This problem is absolutely maddening.  Samsung Canada has been completely useless.  Impossible to get anyone on the phone and they simply pass you around for hours on hold.


I have performed a factory reset now twice... through the software and also through the recovery boot option.  Same issues persist.


Trying to trouble shoot this myself... it seems it may have something to do with either VoLTE and/or perhaps the 5G/LTE settings... auto connect option.  Toggling off VoLTE seems to temporarily fixed the problem for a week.  But I noticed today as I drove back to work that the problem is back.  I believe there was a September security patch applied over this past weekend... and somehow I feel the problem creeping back is due to that patch triggering something again (but I have no clue what).  I checked and VoLTE is still off.


Has anyone else come across this issue?


I am debating taking this phone to a samsung shop, but speaking to them over the phone they say because I am over 2 weeks they cannot replace it.  Only rip it open to replace internal parts.  The phone is obviously brand new  (less than 30 days).  It seems insane to rip it apart at this point, fearing they will mess it up or the phone will never be the same again.

**Edit.. my bad.. Just noticed this is the EU forums... apologies for that**