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sn 20 5g ultra, sooo bad

(Topic created on: 29-12-2021 08:39 PM)

I've had UK version of sn 20 5g ultra, it's excellent when all OK,  however this is never the case, sometimes I cannot see keyboard to input info, it heats up so much, sound quality in calls appalling 30% of the time, now there's a constant spurge mark on the screen, it's terrible, purchased as contract phone 5months no insurance as £1300 should be sound, no risk of damage theft.  I've already purchased accessories protector screen cases etc.  Really disappointed, does anyone have similar issue and resolution. 

Hi I have the s20 ultra 5g and I have had it from 15th May 2020 and I have never had any problems with it only slight problem was when I joined the beta offer and that's only buggy sliding up the screen I am in the UK as well
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Hey @Members_3UYGYlY 


That's not good to hear. 😞

I apologise if you've already tried these tips.

Are you using the stock Samsung Keyboard  ? If so try resetting it if the issue is happening in Safe Mode too.

There are 3rd party Keyboards you could try as alternatives.

Sound quality could be attributed to network connection strength. Is this happening on all calls everywhere  ?

Is the " spurge " mark caused by the screen protector you've fitted. Did you remove the factory fitted tpu screen protector before applying your own ?

Can you take a picture  / screenshot and upload it into your post.

Applying insurance is a personal preference. 

My phone's are covered under my Home Contents Insurance.

However Samsung apply a limited 2 year manufacturing warranty but this does not cover accidental damage or loss or theft of the phone.

It's an expensive phone to have to replace.

My partner and daughter both use the Samsung Galaxy s20 phone's, ( not the Ultra )  and don't have the issues you raise in your post.

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