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screen cracked

(Topic created on: 22-01-2021 03:00 PM)
I've got I hairline crack in the camera module any one know how much it is to replace 
Hi Gazza, Check out to buy a new lens for under £5 with a lifetime warranty. No idea if they are easy to do or not. but 1st... I would question if the lense screen was compromised during manufacture; Note20 came out end of Aug 2020 earliest right?! Less than 6 mths ago. I've never broken or heard of anyone's breaking a phone's camera screen but read about the 20's camera probs with a) the focus, pic quality etc probs they had to release a few patches and then b) camera screens breaking after no apparent drop or #PhoneTrauma 😜 (Maybe Google this as there are multiple reports). Check out the Warranty page because you have to still be under the free Manufacturers Warranty ... & maybe buy the tempered glass for 📱& 📷
Good Luck 👍Post how you get on 🙃
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Hi @Gazza40 


You would need to contact your Samsung Support Department who will advise if any of your local Samsung Experience Stores or Samsung Service Centres are open so they can take the phone to assess it and provide a costing.


In the UK Samsung also offer a doorstep repair service however you'll need to check if the N20 has been added to the list.


Unfortunately accidental damage isn't covered by the Samsung Manufacturing Warranty.


Is the damage affecting your photo's  ? If not then there are glass screen protectors for the camera module that adhere to it.


I wish you all the best with this. 


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I did read an article sometime last year regarding this issue of "spontaneous" cracks appearing at the camera module.

As far as I can remember, the article stated that the issue was very rare and was reported I think in Korea.

It was considered to be unique to that region and was yet to be noticed or reported elsewhere.

I will see if I can find the article, and if I do find it, I will post a link for anyone interested.