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Samsung note 20 Ultra 5G - Display went dead after OTA update

(Topic created on: 26-12-2022 09:17 AM)
suresh Rajendran
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My dear friends,

This is not happened only for me several twitter users also facing this issue. I Bought Samsung note 20 ultra on 1st Oct 2020 2 weeks before i updated for android 13 after that update within 4 days my screen went dead (i'm able to receive call via bluetooth and also my alarm also ringing daily).I raised complaint in Samsung customer care and gave my phone to Samsung service centre after 3 days of back forth call with Samsung they didn't provide any solution they just saying that since it is out of warranty i need to pay the entire amount and replace this display.I know when our product is out of warranty we need pay for any repair but this purely happens after android 13 i don't even have any scratch or any water damage even service centre confirmed that their is no physical damage to my phone even then Samsung didn't accept my issue.For instance this same issue happened to iphone 13 users but apple within 15 days replaced that display free of cost even that person is also having out of warranty product. I need each and every Samsung customer to support my back if we didn't take this as serious then they don't even bother about us (they are mainly getting away by saying this is only happened to me ) but in twitter i saw so many of then facing this issue because of android 13 update.

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I am sympathetic to your problem and am not saying your lying but there is nothing we can do here to help you
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I do feel for you and as @Robot- says as customers here we're unable to further this for you.

Usually the Samsung Service Centres decision is final.

Technology can and will fail whether the phone is in or out of warranty.

This isn't always in direct conflict with an accidental drop or bump or water damage.

The failure and the Android¹³ update could be a coincidence.

Can you look to any other insurance you may have such as Home Contents Insurance maybe ?

Other than that the warranty term has it's own Terms and Conditions And costings for an official repair.

I can't speak for the Apple repair as we don't know the full particulars of that instance you raise. 

I have seen some tweets from owners in regards to the pink line appearing which I've had on a phone before which is the result of the connector between the display and internal boards.

The display was replaced free of charge under the manufacturers warranty. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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I have the same problem. phone in pristine condition, blanked after update. phone still works alarms etc, can sometimes get it to display via hdmi on TV. but it's inconsitent. managed to back up all my data whilst viewing through hdmi to v. samsung rep unhelpful. phone still under warranty, but I live in rural are so turn around time for getting it fixed will be at least 3 weeks. completely unacceptable. is suspiciously coincidental, that the update, bricking phones around Australia, coincides with their new galaxy s23 release???