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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Bluetooth pairing problem with car

(Topic created on: 04-03-2023 03:28 PM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Hello. I`ve got a problem with pairing my phone to the car via bluetooth. The problem is that when i did pair my phone for the first time, bluetooth did connect for both phone calls and audio. After i did shut down the car and turned it on the phone connects with only phone calls and the audio wont. After forgetting and reseting bluetooth settings when i pair it again as a new device its pairing for both, but if i shut down the car it will afterwards pair only for phone calls. I have tried solustions from other posts but nothing did help. I tried resetting phone bluetooth settings and also in the car. Did not solve the problem. I know its a problem with only my phone. I have tried to pair like Xiaomi, HTC, Iphone etc. and the problem did not occur there. 

If there is any language based mistakes i am verry sorry. The english langugage is my 3rd language. 

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Car: Skoda Superb from 2014 with the premium class radio.