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Samsung customer service

(Topic created on: 12-08-2020 02:53 AM)
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I pre-ordered the Note 20 Ultra with a ship date or Aug 19th and delivery date of the 21st. Mind you I ordered this phone the day after it was unveiled. Like three days later I went back to look at my order for some reason and not sure how this happened I noticed the phone carrier was T-Mobile and not Verizon the carrier I have. I got on chat and talked with customer service there and they told me they could not even switch phones on the order that I had to cancel this order and re-order the phone this time with the correct carrier. I was like fine I cancelled and re-ordered but when I re-ordered the shipping date went from Aug 19th to Aug 28th with a delivery date of Sep 1st. This is not expectable at all if they would of just changed the phone from T-Mobile to Verizon I still would of had my original ship and delivery dates. One of the largest companies in the world and they can't change information in or on an order!!!!! Yes it was my fault I get it but for customer service they should be able to help a customer fix it. Very disappointed in Samsung's customer service right now. Now I have wait an extra whole week to get my phone... Funny I went to Verizon and they are saying delivery date of the 21st also. Only reason I cam not buy from Verizon their monthly charge for the phone is like 30.00 more a month then Samsung Financing is giving me.  

Galaxy Note20 Series
This is how it works unfortunately, they can't just swap phones in your order. Delay might be because of limited stock.
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Galaxy Note20 Series

Unfortunately we're all human and mistakes can happen @mainexplorer 


I assume they can't switch out phones on an open pre order so as they advised the only option to rectify your mistake was to cancel and start again.


Unfortunately as others will also have been pre ordering this can have knock on effect of availability.


I know your disappointment but in the grand scheme of thing's it's a minor hinderance and worth the wait.


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