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review on samsung z flip, note 20 ultra 5g, and samsung.

(Topic created on: 28-08-2020 04:25 AM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series

The samsung note 20 ultra 5g pre_ordered before 21st of augest and i got a worst experiance with in a week,i bought a samsung z flip 4 months before recently i noted a small internal display leakage on my samsung z flip. i contacted customer care service about my samsung z flip issue they didn't respond for my problem so i went to the customer service center and they charged me £100 for their service they explained me as its an physical damage. and i paid for their service and i planned change my phone beacuse of the flip, may be the phone may damaged, if it damage again i can't bear their display charge (display charge for samsung z flip is £680) so recently i changed my device samsung note 20 ultra again i choosed samsung but now i pitty on samsung company beacuse of the bad experiance i had ever in mobile phone company.i used many types of different brands in mobile. first & second time i am having the worst experiance with the same brand. i tweeted the samsung company for my first samsung z flip but still they didn't give me any respond. the link of my twitter account is:
Galaxy Note20 Series

@Raeez , Definitely a weird one that the S Pen does stuff on the screen but your fingers don't! 🤔 Are you able to check in Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity, and see if all the things in there as set as they should be? E.g. Interaction control etc.