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Please Bring Us An Even Bigger Sensor Samsung.

(Topic created on: 19-05-2021 06:35 PM)
Galaxy Note20 Series
Hoping Samsung will beat Sharp with the specifications and 1 inch sensor. Please cam you ditch the exynos processor for snapdragon Please. 

Helping Hand
Galaxy Note20 Series
Firstly, just having a 1 inch sensor doesn't mean much. A lot of it also comes down to software, and this sharp phone likely doesn't have much of that image processing tech. Also, it has no optical image stabilisation, and is a single camera so has not much versatility with stuff like zoom. Overall, this probably won't match most mainstream flagships such as the s21u or ip12P max due to versatility and software. And, well there seems to be this overall exynos hatred after the s20. I agree that the exynos 990 in the s20 and note 20 is a steaming pile of garbage, but comparing it to the snapdragon equivalent on the 2100 Vs 888 it is very close. They have most importantly improved the heating and efficiency to be on par with the 888 (which isn't necessary a super high bar considering the 888 isn't a super great chipset in efficiently, but that isn't Samsung's fault, rather the X1 cores), and overall much better then the 990. Also, other exynos processors are better then their snapdragon equivalents, or on par, such as the exynos 1080 (better) Vs sd780, or the exy980 Vs 765 (equivalent).