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One of Gmail Accounts not toggling to email

(Topic created on: 18-01-2023 05:47 AM)
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Galaxy Note20 Series

I'm having an issue accessing one of my Gmail accounts on the app.  However, I am getting updates and able to see my other gmail accounts.  I have 6 accounts that I toggle between on a daily basis (work, personal, community accounts, etc.).  I can see the account when I go to Manage accounts.  But it's not showing in my list of accounts when I toggle to check my emails. I haven't changed any of the permissions, so not sure why this 1 account won't show in my list of accounts to switch my view.

I have removed the account, cleared phone cache, added account back into Gmail, and it STILL does not show in my list of email accounts to switch.  I've also tried the manual setup of the account in case it was not liking the automatic settings.  I have had up to 8 emails before with no issues.  I even removed an extra one that I do not use as often, just to see if it was a quantity issue.  It is not.

It's one of my work emails, so it's really becoming a problem.

You can see below that Account 5 is missing on the right side