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Note Ultra 20 5G camera glass just cracked

(Topic created on: 25-04-2021 06:55 AM)
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Seen lots of posts on the internet with problem like this, my phone, never dropped, in Samsung case and screen protector - the camera glass appears to have cracked without any input. 

Have never damaged a phone before, this looks like  manufacturing defect, but \Samsung support are unwilling to state anything other than physical damage is not covered by warranty. - sending me to s site for a £109 repair bill.

This appears to be a manufacturing defect, rather a user initiated problem (lots of reports on the internet) - even Amazon is selling spares/repairs for it - Is this what Samsung is really like now?

I left the Apple ecosystem due to their abysmal handling of the battery issues historically, and have been a loyal Samsung customer since, having at least 3 of their flagship phones since.

Is Samsung just going to ignore this fundamental flaw in their product?

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Superuser II
Galaxy Note20 Series

I've seen similar posts to yours in regards to this happening but this isn't affecting enough phone's I assume to warrant Samsung concluding this is a manufacturing defect @Members_SpcldgX 

I've had quite a few Samsung phone's including the Samsung N20 Ultra Snapdragon 5G  I'm now using and haven't had this issue. 🤞

My family mostly uses Samsung phone's without this issue too.

I'm in no way suggesting this isn't happening to some people but it's Samsung that'll need to agree to a free repair.

You could lodge a complaint ticket and see where that goes.

My phone's are covered by my Home Contents Insurance which I could use if Samsung refuse support. 

Consumer-Rights-Act-2015 might yield some help and information on what you can do.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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