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Note 20 Ultra screen sensitivty become poor when charging

(Topic created on: 08-01-2021 02:59 AM)
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Anyone also having issue with the screen sensitivity become poor.
I having this issue and I write to the team in Facebook. The team called me yesterday and explained to me it is because the CPU will running low when charging (But I believe this is only happens in exynos version). It is to protect the battery but I dont think this is a valid reason. I asked him is all the note 20 ultra has this issue, he said yes and told me "You know right, can't use phone when it is charging"... what a good reason... They should promote this feature in their advertisement. "You will unable to use your phone when you are charging, this is for user safety."

Anyone also having this issue?

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Hi @CY0701 


While my N20 Ultra is sat on a wireless charging stand or pad I can still use my phone the same as if it was in my hand so I'm not sure whats happening with yours.


I'm using the Snapdragon version but I'm also not sure if that would make a difference.




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