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Note 20 Ultra coming from a Note 8 "My 2 cents"

(Topic created on: 02-01-2021 04:48 AM)
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The phone is great but but there are two huge things that I hate about this new one compared to my old one


1. The Fingerprint scanner sucks. Note had it right next to the camera so it was a very bad place but been an actual sensor made unlocking of the phone way way faster. having it under the screen its slower and not as snappy. I could take my note 8 out of my pocket and unlock it all at the same time with the same hand movement before I could see the screen. This one I can't anymore and the reading and unlocking takes way longer


2. the Stylus location. This is very frustrating unless I was a lefty. Been on the right hand side was a mega plus. on the left side sucks so bad. now I have to move my left hand up and flick my wrist back as my right h and crosses over to pull it out, otherwise it gets on the way. that motion sucks so bad and feel that the complete Note experience was lost with the new stylus placement. I use my stylus every day for multiple purposes and it was always fun and fluid to pull it out and now it just sucks


Note 20 Ultra is a great phone but as a power user of a Note, how it was intended to be used with the stylus. I have to say that I hate the phone for this very reason. I would love to go back to my Note 8 but security updates are no longer available and my phone was starting to give me some mild problems. It lasted me three awesome years. I been told that this will be the last Note model and what a horrible way to end it. The new S line up will support the Stylus but it won't have a slot to store it so it will be up to case makes to find a better way to store it  

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Galaxy Note20 Series

Hi @Mobiledrgn 


I agree it's a fantastic phone and I also agree that  the new placement of the s-pen silo was challenging at first due to muscle memory from using my N10+ 5G but I soon adapted.


It's thought that's due to the camera module size the pen silo had to be moved.


I was having some similar issues with my fps and so performed the following which helped.


A couple of tips I picked up when setting up the finger prints are.

When setting up take x3 scans with each thumb and then rotate the phone around when taking further prints of each thumb so your phone can read both thumbs from the same finger print scan. Scan your prints as you would normally hold the phone.

Also using two fingers when setting up one fingerprint works pretty well.

Go into Settings . Biometrics and Security.  Biometrics Preferences . Turn Off Screen Transition Effect.

Then go into Settings and search for Optomise Battery Usage. Tap in Optimise  Battey Usage  tap to show All and scroll down to and toggle Off

For me this improved the fps on my Note.

I also have dry skin on my fingers and so find it sometimes beneficial to moisten my fingertip by breathing on it before unlocking the phone.


There has indeed been speculation over the future of the Note series. There has been rumours that senior Samsung employees have said the Note series isn't being stopped.


I expect to see a Note 21 ( hopefully  )


The Note series was always the all singing and dancing model with more specs and features included than the s series of phone's but nowadays the gap between the two has closed to the point where the Note's one up spec is the pen. 


I have read and seen YouTube videos in regards to the Samsung Galaxy s21 and it's apparent ability to use a s-pen but has no silo.


I'm not keen on carrying round a separate pen that I could potentially lose or damage and these replacements are not cheap !


I'm keeping an open mind to see where Samsung go as they do seem to be applying time and effort into providing a more affordable flip phone and fold type phone to the masses.



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So, I read your topic with a bit of 'Oh god what have I done'.  I too have, today, upgraded my Note8 (amazing phone) to a Note 20 Ultra (coming Monday).


My Note8 has somehow got screen burn and the glue on the back of the phone has melted and warped the back.  Probably my fault for leaving it on a wireless charger.


Apart from the stylus being on the wrong side (and I know that will annoy me too) as will the fingerprint sensor.  


I am looking forward to a tech leap (although probably not the leap I think it will be).


Thanks guys, good topic and just what I needed :smiling-face:  Can you recommend a case?  I heard the official one scratches the hell out of the outer edges of the phone.

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Galaxy Note20 Series

Phone is great. been using it for 3 days now and everything else about it it's awesome. I posted another topic yesterday if you want to know about the Edge Lighting. it should be a few topics under. as for cases I've had very good luck with Spigen


This Spigen Case