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Note 20 Ultra 5g and LED Cover - "LED Cover Service Keeps Stopping" message, and

(Topic created on: 06-06-2022 06:28 PM)
Galaxy Note20 Series

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g and use a LED Cover... since the last update (Android 11 and One UI 3.0), I repeatedly get a message popping up saying "LED Cover Service Keeps Stopping" ... and there are multiple entries showing this in the app crash logs. It's draining my battery severely. 


I've tried the usual - removing the case and re-attaching, restarting the device, even re-installing the LED Icon Editor app. None of these have helped. Has anyone else had this problem, and have you managed to find a solution? Thanks in advance.

Galaxy Note20 Series



I had the same problems LED view cover not working following Feb22 updates 


1. after the updates it stopped working 


2. then it was fixed on 26 Mar22 following updates. 


3. now on 6 Jun22 it has stopped working again.


4. It's not the cover as I have 2 extra new covers. same issues. 


5. Lots of people are re setting phones unnecessarily. 


6. Samsung need to issue new updated but this is getting ridiculous. 


Do not factory reset... totally unnecessary. 


We have to wait for an update. 



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Galaxy Note20 Series

I have the exact issue with my Note20 Ultra 5G. I even bought a new led cover but it is not working either. I saw that some update builds supports it and others disables it. That's very weird for such big manufacturer and such high end device... Also, call from other devices is not working properly. Until the update, I could have very good calls answered from my S6 pro tablet even if the distance between them wasc25m and the wifi was poor, and now, with both devices near the access point and 1gbit connection, there are a lot of distorsions tjat makes the call unbearable...