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Note 20 free gift claim

(Topic created on: 27-09-2020 03:09 PM)
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I processed my free gift claim. Received all the emails followed the link to place the order but said code expired eventhough my email said I have till 31st October. I rung and spoke to someone on the 23de September and he told me there has been problems. So he took me through security and said a new code will be emailed to be to use and claim the earphones. It is now the 27th and I have still not received an email. And trying to ring is a pain I was transfer 6 times to the " correct " department just to be told I would need to be transferred again. Can someone please tell me whom I should contact irregardless to this as its getting ridiculous been trying since beginning of September. 

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Totally understand that your unimpressed and frustrated with this and rightly so.


There is a few recent threads similar to yours.


One is Galaxy-note20-note20-ultra-5g/never-got-my-free-gift-samsung-note-20-ultra. 


"With any issues claiming your free gifts after pre-ordering the Note 20 series, we'd advise getting in touch with our Promotion Team on 0333 000 3900."


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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