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Latest update warning

(Topic created on: 13-05-2021 03:03 PM)
Galaxy Note20 Series
My bank apps and almost every app on my phone also when i go into gallery and go to watch a video the drag bar is gone and image capture is gone i now need to open the video and then press the 3 dots top right then open in video player , if i do that its back to normal but i need to do this every time i go into vew a video, i am a youtuber and only edit on my phone having to go through this process is adding hours onto my editing time, also my calendar, i had my bins to be emptied every 3 weeks , this was a custom setting in calendar which has now also been removed, the only option now is, once a day, every week , every month or every year, they have removed the custom setting, rite now im hateing my phone. Please tell you can help, Hope you are well and thank you for your help. #b15dov