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I'm returning my Note 20 Ultra, the Ear Buds, and the Clear View flip cover

(Topic created on: 26/11/20 22:06)
Galaxy Note20 Series

I started another thread explaining my change of opinion regarding the camera.  The administrator merged that thread into this.  Please scroll down to read that.   The camera 'issue'  I mentioned in this post is resolved.  I had the wrong setting on the camera.


I initially was upset that the end panels of the phone were scratched but it turned out to be the protective plastic coverings that were scratched.  Once I removed the plastic, the issue was resolved.  (I see I was not alone with this issue.)

I've been disappointed with the battery drain though I also realize that could be a software fix.

The latest issue, I took several photos, one a close up and the other, a photo of an A4.  The A4 was a receipt from my optician.  I also had a copy of that receipt taken by my Note 10+.  The Note 20 Ultra was decidedly less sharp.  That disturbed me. 

Now, there might be a software fix for this, but I don't want to be burned.  I bought these items from the Samsung online store here in the Netherlands, and I've already called them and will receive further instructions.

I loved my Note 9, I loved my Note 10+, but I am disappointed with the Note 20 Ultra.

These issues might be corrected with software updates, but you simply do not put phones on the market without better testing.

Fortunately, the guy I sold my Note 10 + to, has agreed to sell it back. 

Galaxy Note20 Series

The guy who bought my Note 10+ just came over and we talked about the camera settings.

The 4:3 setting will yield the typical 3 MB size of photos, that plus the shutter delay is considerably less.
(The 'delay' is just the time that the shutter is open.  If there's a 'delay', it's because the shutter is open, taking in more information, resulting in a larger file.  If you're taking a photo without a tripod, you'll probably have a more blurred image, and that was what I was unknowingly doing.)

I apparently had the setting for the camera on a Pro mode which results in larger files per photo and the shutter is open longer - that's the delay I mentioned in my other post.    (Had I used a tripod, that 'delay' wouldn't have been an issue, though I still would have had very large files.)

So, I will keep the Note 20 Ultra at least for another week to see if I still want to return it  ... and if I do, I have the Note 10+ back from the guy who bought it.

So, the issue with the close up on the rear camera was almost certainly my 'fault' by having the wrong setting chosen.  (I believe I didn't change any settings though.  We did a reset this morning of the camera settings, restarted the phone, and it was on 4:3.)

At any rate, I learned something ... and maybe my public display of stupidity might help someone else.  :smiling-face:

Now, it would appear the only issue for me might still be the battery. 

The 4:3 should be the setting chosen for everyday photos.

It would appear my issues with the rear camera close ups was probably my 'fault' and not Samsung's.

I'm just keeping the discussion honest. 

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Galaxy Note20 Series

I returned my Note 20 Ultra also. It is a small upgrade from my Note 10+ but only in a few areas. 120hz is nice and is the only thing I will miss. My Note 10+ has better and denser build quality and I can't tell the difference between most daily tasks. I am not going to spend $600 for a sidestep.