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Headphone Buttons No Longer Play/Pause -

(Topic created on: 14-04-2022 10:39 AM)
First Poster
Galaxy Note20 Series

My Note 20 Ultra 5G with Android 12 and One UI 4.5 -

The wired headphone buttons no longer work to play/pause for apps like Podcast Addict and PowerAmp music player. The wired headset buttons worked perfectly before this latest update.

Also, broken in this latest update:

The Media Output from the lockscreen and homescreen now only lists the current player. Before the One UI 4.5 update, you could scroll through multiple apps added to Media Output to start another player app. This was very useful!

Perhaps the elimination of these features is deliberate. I am VERY disappointed if they are. They reduce the quality of my day to day experience using my device.

I must say, each new release of hardware (no more notification LEDs) and software (see above) reduces the quality of the user experience. I don't like it.

Ron - lifelong Samsung user beginning to regret it.