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Fix camera rattle when shaking your phone

(Topic created on: 31-12-2020 11:36 AM)
Galaxy Note20 Series

In my opinion, everyone already knows that when the phone is shaken, an unpleasant sound occurs from the camera stabilizer.


But if you turn on any application for photography, then this effect is not observed because the camera is working.


Is it possible to expect from the developers to update the system in which the settings will include something like "Keep the camera in working order" that will prevent such effect?


The idea is to get rid of the unpleasant shaking sound by keeping the camera stabilizer running all the time, albeit at the expense of battery usage.


This sound is really annoying =\


If there any developers here — let me know your thoughts and chances to add this fix because I really think about returning the phone to the store, as it rattles like a child's toy, although it is the best in its segment.


P.S. I can record video with this effect.

First Poster
Galaxy Note20 Series

Well just picking it up off the desk shouldn't be a very hard shake for a phone of this caliber. which it is for the 2 I have. just a simple lift off the desk nothing more causes this to make the rattle noise so that is something I wouldn't consider as a "shake".