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Dual Sim problems

(Topic created on: 22/12/20 10:24)
Galaxy Note20 Series



When I set preferred sim for calls to "Ask always", later when disable SIM2 and enable it again, preferred sim change to SIM1. Why doesn't stay always on "Ask always"?


To clarify, on phone I have home and work sim cards. Work sim card I disable after work time and enable tomorrow. Then if forget to set preferred sim, calls goes from home sim!  😤


Does anyone know what the solution to this problem is?


Also, how is it possible that there is no quick shortcut to enable/disable SIM card? On quick panel there are over 30 toggles, and none of them for dual sim (!?). I see option "SIM info" but it is shown only when enabled both SIMs, when disable SIM2 (aster work hours), there is no way to turn it on quicky.


So every morning I must go to Settings, Connections, Sim Card Manager, SIM2, Enable, Back, Preferred SIM for Calls, "Ask always"... It is too much steps for business phone this price!


...or no one but me uses two cards so it hasn’t been thought about this 🤔



One more thing: when starting phone if sim2 is disabled, on startup always shows Sim Card Manager and I must click to "Done". This is unnecessary dialog, probably a bug.

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Galaxy Note20 Series

I'm in your same situation but one more thing!

I'm playing online with phone sometimes and dual SIM cause extreme lags... the solution is disable a SIM, it would be great if notification bar would allow you tu enable/disable SIM card easely.

P.S. I have Galaxy S10