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Display / Skin Tones issue with the Note 20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 04-12-2020 02:11 AM)

Hi all! I received my Note 20 Ultra and I'm confused about the display and hoping for some advice. Essentially, there seems to be a milky haze or a kind of 3% filter over the display that makes things look greenish/yellowish or grey depending on the content. It mostly bothers me with skin tones and faces - people look pale or washed out with yellow/green or grey tones to their faces and skin. It's off putting as it makes people look unwell!


I'm coming from a P20 Pro and own a Tab S7 Plus so I've compared images and videos across all 3 devices and side by side it makes the Note20Ultra look bad. The P20 pro and Tab s7 plus screens seem to calibrated similarly, and I expected the Note20Ultra to be pretty much the same as the Tab S7 Plus seeing as they were released around the same time - I LOVE my Tab S7+ screen. Can't tell whether I have a defective screen or Samsung have purposefully designed them this way? It is still a beautiful display and has an almost liquid-like quality to it and kind of feels "alive"? So it does look good in it's own way but it's the skin tones and washed out faces that are bothering me.


Is this normal for this phone? Is there a way to fix it? I like everything else about the phone and want to keep it but I can't get on with how it makes people look so ugly - especially as I use the phone for tv/movies and photos/social media. It's not even as if it's a hardly noticeable issue, it's incredibly jarring to me. It was hard to capture on camera but you can see some of the comparison photos with my p20 pro here:


I've tried using dark mode, turning off "apply dark mode to wallpaper", toggled between all the display settings, refresh rates and white balance and nothing seems to make a difference. Any advice or ideas? Appreciate the help