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Disabled Messages dual SIM

(Topic created on: 28-01-2021 03:27 PM)
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Since updating to the Android 11, I have lost the ability to choose which of my SIM card numbers to send sms with. Previously, after typing a message, I could select which of my two SIM I could use by click on one of the two icons representing the two SIM cards. Now only one or the other is available. And I have to choose this from going to settings before writing my sms. This is an obviously difficult time consuming, and counterproductive. 


Samsung, please kind restore this function. 


@CallMeBack - surprised to hear you say the nightmare update was recently released to your device.....this issue is over almost 2 years old.....unfortunately the Samsung Moderators are useless and not fulfilling their duties as Samsung employees to help escalateand get this issue fixed.....anyway the only solution is to revert back to Android 10, UI 2.5 (see step by step instructions in one of earlier posts on this thread) and you will have SIM1 + SIM2 buttons for both Samsung phone dialer app for calls and Samsung Messesses app for SMS


Yes, unfortunately! I've received the roll out of Android 11 and new UI on a tablet a single SIM Samsung early 2021 so I was already aware that they had removed another feature which I used a lot -Wifi direct- and hidden that information at the very, very end of the update notification, but it wasn't until a month ago that my dual SIM phone.

There was a mention of a slight tweak possibly being released in another thread? Has that actually happened? (though I guess considering that my device is furthest back in the roll out plan that they'll likely not do anything)

Are there any apps which can replace the normal messaging app for SMS? i.e. not FB or whatsapp but something using SMS?

I'm not keen on wiping my device so current backup plan is to test putting in another sim in a dual sim phone, from another brand, which runs on a plain version of Android 11. I found some encouraging screenshots while googling this headache and f* up from Samsung.




@CallMeBack - short answer is no....there are no other apps that work the same as Samsung Messages app specifically for Dual SIM users that have both S1M + SIM2 buttons .....the few out there unfortunately have only one button and still require you to toggle between SIM1 and SIM2...

Again, all you need to do is revert back to Android 10, UI 2.5....and with respect to your concern on device data wipe...well just back up your data which is one of my recommended steps in the step by step instructions I provided.

Unfortunately Samsung will NOT fix this issue and sadly the Samsung Moderators in all the Samsung Communities are pathetic useless employees not doing their job....

Based on Samsung's decision to not fix this issue, disrespect all their customers and ignore security issues, privacy issues, cost issues, user experience issues....well I personally have lost patience and decided to move to Google Pixle 6.