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Car multimedia autoplay

(Topic created on: 16/10/20 00:52)
Galaxy Note20 Series



I have a annoying problem. Every time I get in the car and bluetooth connect to car multimedia, it start playing random stuff from phone. I google this problem but there seems to be no solution. There is only a workaround to disable "audio" in bluetooth connection but then I can't use it when I want. I can't understand why it's hard to put an option "disable autoplay"... but... this is just an introduction, my problem is even bigger:


I recorded some clips in Voice Recorder application. After that I deleted them. But somehow, phone is remembered that file exist so autoplay feature constantly trying to play a file that does not exist! Look at screenshot , message at bottom is displayed every few seconds continuously and infinitely. It's so annoying!


I reset application data and cache, uninstalled and installed again but problem remains. Every time I get in the car, there is that messages every few seconds!


How to turn that f***** autoplay or get rid off this message? Why the hell would I want to autoplay clips from Voice Recorder every time when get in the car?! I switched from Huawei phone who didn’t have any of these problems and now I’m very disappointed.