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buds live claim

(Topic created on: 16-11-2020 11:14 PM)
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Hi, sorry to say I am somewhat disappointed with samsung as I pre ordered the Note20 ultra with the offer of free buds live back in August. I completed the criteria required and got a message back from your verification team along with a claim number saying everything was correct and valid, I've constantly been on the phone to customer services from the middle of last week in September all through October asking about my buds claim, not once was it mentioned an e voucher i was supposed to have received. Strangely the 1st week in November i was told of this voucher after the 31st of October deadline how convenient was that. I have emailed samsung i have checked all my incoming and spam boxes and nothing shows this e voucher. I get the feeling now that I've heard no more about my claim that it's not going to happen. I certainly won't be pre ordering another samsung product in near future. 
I got an empty box, all these months later Samsung are still passing me round all their departments, I've basically been called a liar, rubbish customer service
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When I Pre Ordered the N20 Ultra from Samsung UK on their online website one part of the ordering system was to choose the freebie I wanted.


I chose the Samsung Live Buds and they came a short while after the phone which I think is a better process than waiting for a voucher.


I've read some others have been offered a voucher as a Goodwill Gesture to buy an accessory off their website but unfortunately the voucher came nowhere near the cost of the Live buds !


When I had to return the N20 Ultra along with the free buds Live I encountered unacceptable issues.


After speaking initially with customer services via phone and several emails with little resolution I searched out the CEO email contact us page.


After filling that out my refund followed a few days later.


It's of course upto you how you wish to proceed.


I wish you all the best with this. 



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all in all I'm hugely disappointed in Samsung and their so called "support ". I've bought the Galaxy zfold at £1500. Tried to find out more about their "free insurance " only to be passed from dept to dept without ever getting an answer. Apparently this device comes with the premium support package and benefits, wow, if this is what the premium service is like God help everyone else. I note nobody from Samsung has been on this thread to appease everyone, says it all really