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After Preordering from Spectrum Mobile and Registering Note 20 Ultra Samsungshop ap displays phone as a Note 9 from T-Mobile.

(Topic created on: 28-08-2020 11:23 AM)

I preordered my Mystic Black 125GB Note 20 Ultra 5G phone on Aug 19 thru Spectrum Mobile's website. After receiving phone and dowloading the SamsungShop ap I attempted to redeem 150 store credit offer but the Samsungshop ap incorrectly states the device is ineligible. After registering the Note 20 Ultra 5G phone thru the Samsung application the ap incorrectly lists it as a T-Mobile S9 64GB.


I have tried reinstalling Samsungshop ap, reseting phone, Using camera for IMEI and manual input. I have spoken with 5 different Samsung departments each recognizing the error but unable to do anything over the course of 2 hours. Each department admits the phone shows up on their side as a Note 20 Ultra 5G and have no explanation for why the registration lists it as a S9 from a completely different carrier.


Literally NOBODY is able to help and each customer service rep just passes me to the next department so they don't hurt their average handle time. At this point as there is know way to dispute this and the customer support agents blame each other I'm probably never going to see that 150 credit. Just extremely frustrated and likely will not pursue Samsung products in future because of this. Also when anyone asks me what my thoughts are on Samsung I will reference this incident.

Hi, have you contacted Spectrum Mobile and explained the problem? Could it be a fault at their end maybe? It might be worth emailing Samsung too and explaining your frustration and the lack of good customer service, perhaps someone with more authority will have time to look at your complaint and deal with it more satisfactorily. I hope your problem gets resolved soon.

Spectrum states IMEI displays as Note 20 Ultra 5G and directed me to Samsung as it is their promo and ap that is receiving the error. And as the Samsung ap is the only mechanism to claim promo I am unable to contest it.