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Pokemon go Note 20 Ultra issue


I can not play the game and i bought device today...was soo happy and now i do not know what to do, pls help 

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how long does it take for them to update a game! this is absolutely shocking!!!!

I realy hope this upcoming week sometime!

nikizza u said i saw on niantic's site that it would be resolved with the next update, would u please post a link to this



Might be worth a note that none of the developers, if any, push updates on a Sunday on Google Play Store. Not sure if that follows the same on the Samsung app store but on checking, both are showing version 0.185.0. Frustrating as it is, Niantic could have pushed an urgent update. They've had a few days now so hoping there's an update tomorrow 🤞

excellent thank u

We will see,  i realy hope that tomorrow updait will be released 🙏🙏🙏

Ur most very welcome 👍

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I got replay form niantinc in relation to a tweet I sent them saying the same as thire site, that it'll be fixed in the next up date
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