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Pokemon go Note 20 Ultra issue


I can not play the game and i bought device today...was soo happy and now i do not know what to do, pls help 


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Guys the issue have been resolved niantic rekeased the update in samsung store yeeyyy

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The screen just freeze after 5seconda login to the game


I haven't had any issues. I know it had issues logging in for a sec but I got through and even played it for a few hours already.

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Same problems here with note 20 ultra. No response from Niantic or Samsung. Do I have to return the Phone and go back to my Note 10?

Lucky u 😭😭😭

Im thinking the same as u. U cant imagine my disapointment when i couldnt play the game! Ill wait till tuesday if they resolve the issue. Payed 1000€ and more just for nothing!

It was the same with the S20 series for a short while. I solved that problem (for all of a few days) by installing an older version of the game. Once it forced me to update, I was offline for about a week or two, if I remember right. Niantic will sort it eventually..

Thnx for this. I realy hope so. 


I have zero issues with playing Pokémon Go on my phone. I just have HORRENDOUS battery life. Everything else is great. 

I used Google login if that makes a difference. I don't have a Niantic account or didn't use Facebook login. 

I have exynos 990 chip if u have snapdragon good for u - i saw on niantic site that with upcoming update they will resolve the issue. But it is realy frustrating having the best phone ever and not be able to play the game...

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