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Pokemon go issue with note 20

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Latest v0.183.0 pokemon go cannot be played in note 20 with Android 10.

It will stop or hang similarly like last Samsung S20 

Any update or resolution to this?

Hi there is there any news when pokemon go will work on the note 20 ultra please 

I just got a response and they added it to known issues:


App freezing on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 devices with Exynos chipset
Issue descriptio
n: The Pokémon GO app freezes on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 devices with Exynos chipset.
Issue status: Resolved in an upcoming update

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Hi all having the same issue with my note 20! 😣
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having exactly the same issue with my new S20 Ultra


The same problem, waiting for the update on niantics part ASAP

I wonder how long it will take for the update. I believe those that had the same issue with the s20 releases had to wait over a month for it.


Having the same problem with my note 20 ultra ! So annoying just want to play pokemon go!!! Missing out on so much!!


Got an update today on Galaxy Store, now i works! :smiling-face:

Yes! Can confirm this - v0.185.1 from the Samsung store seems to have fixed the issue for me too :smiling-face:


Too bad it came too late to take advantage of the 10% off deal though...

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Problem resolved now! Jus go update it via galaxy store! Thanks all

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