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Note 20 ultra exynos vs snapdragon

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Hi Note 20 UK users 

We all aware of the issues with exynos devices , being sub standard to snapdragon devices. 

My question is when your note 20 ultra is fully charged what battery is shown as left. My Uk one is about 9h hours left at 90 %. I was shocked that the USA one can show double even with less battery %. OK I know you can't look too much into numbers but it's a real shame. 

my s10 plus at 90 % with small battery always showed 12 hours left. 

My note is getting better battery life each week. I'm also happy that it charges so fast to 100 percent even with 15w charger compared to my older Samsung devices. 

I enjoying my note 20,  but when you see others versions get better results you feel cheated a little. 


Come on... On one side you have one running on very high brightness and the other side a completely black theme....
Of course there will be a MEGA difference, that example there is so unreasonable
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I agree its been proven to be far superior the snapdragon device, samsung are robbing their customers with the exynos chip and charging the same money, its been proven to have a better battery life and perform better so that's why I decided not to buy Samsung anymore. To be treated less but spend the same money and now they have awful customer care, thank god for the samsung member app to highlight how bad they're going
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Hi Meh Unfortunately ,we have cheaper hadware version than USA snapdragon !! What I can recommend first check with battery usage what the apps drain your battery. Second put all them to sleep if you don't need usage this apps on the background 🔋.
9h is not normal for usage probably you have also location on etc...
You can also find on YouTube some nice videos with some tricks how extend your battery life this is work for me i feel much better with battery life,
example I have 120hz refresh screen active with the battery save mode
My Exynos S20+ at 59% battery shows I have 1 day left. It's what I do, and my settings that allow me to have good usage.
Galaxy S20+ G986B/DS Enterprise Edition (EE) Unlocked "UI 2.5"

Snapdragon vs Exynos is what it is.


I looked at importing a Snapdragon but i wasn't prepared to import a Snapdragon variant and accept no Samsung Warranty as a risk. 


Also some have experienced network connectivity issues on imported phone's.


As far as i can tell from looking at material online and YouTube videos the Snapdragon gives approximately an hours more usage time and handles extended gaming better and heat control than the Exynos version.


That said some Snapdragon owners have reported similar battery output to Exynos users !


My opinion is that Samsung should stick with one chipset globally or allow a person to choose at the ordering stage.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

thank you
Yes I looked at importing an SD too but also decided against due to lack of UK Samsung warranty and volte and Samsung Pay wouldn't work as well as possible connectivity issues. My Exynos N20U is however performing a lot better battery wise now than to begin with. I feel they should have standardised on one chipset. If they could for the Z Fold2 why not for the N20 series?
This is my UK Note 20 Ultra battery readout.
I try to recharge from below 19% and no less than 13%.
wow that's good battery stats
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