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So I just went to make a claim for the free buds with the note 20, it did not give me a option to choose buds it just said claim submitted and is now pending, where do we choose what gift to have? If I get sent a silly game controller and useless xbox pass I will be really annoyed as I did not spend nearly a grand on a portable computer to play games on, surely you must give people the option what gift they want
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Who did you pre order with @TheJackal 


I ask as I have pre ordered through the Samsung Uk Online Site and part of the ordering process was to choose which free item I wanted.


I went with the Samsung Buds Live.


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Once the claim is validated by Samsung they'll send a voucher to your email. then you get to pick.

just had mine validated and that's what the email advised me.

Hope you're all enjoying your new Notes!


That's right once your claim has been validated and you have been emailed your e-voucher code, you'll also be asked to select which reward you'd like to receive: either a Gaming or Music reward. 


Gaming Reward: 3 months subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, MOGA XP5-X+ Game Controller and Wireless Charging stand.

Music Reward: Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in white. (Or the Buds Live in Mystic Bronze is went for the Ultra!)

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Hi Danny ,
What do I need to do before the claim validation. I got my note 20+ 5gb and tabs7+ from the Samsung store they said I can claim online but lost according to, i could claim from members - benefits .. but can't find anything 😕.
could you please tell me the steps as I haven't claim before 🙈 thank you

Hi @Zerr , After you've set your Note20 up with a SIM: Members app on the Note20 >  Benefits >  Pre-Order


There's this link too if you're having trouble doing it via the Members app:

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