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There is a problem with the screen of the Note 10 Lite after some time

(Topic created on: 06-03-2023 10:20 PM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series


William here,

After some time of having the Galaxy Note 10 Lite on, the screen has stopped working after the phone has been on for some time now.

The phone's temperature doesn't seem to be related to how hot it is.
Also, I cleaned the straps and cables with isopropyl alcohol and re-seated them.

The screen sometimes glitches greenish/purpleish during use. Besides that, it will look amazing the entire time.

It also freezes sometimes during whatever is happening on the screen and the image will refresh if I press down on the 2/4 area from the top down.

Then, if I leave the phone for a few minutes with the screen either on or off, I could come back to it being unresponsive. At first, I thought it was turning off. But if I press the screenshot buttons, it'll vibrate and save the screenshot that I'll be able to see after I soft reset the phone back to life (it'll reboot by itself from time to time, though).

The time it takes for it to "die" varies from seconds to minutes to hours. But it's become unreliable and had to buy a new phone.

My screen needs to be replaced, but it costs as much as a new phone here in Brazil.

It seems there may be some cable or something on the screen that I could access to prevent this behavior.

Can anyone help me out with insights?

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Galaxy Note10 Series
There is big long line in the left hand side of the screen and the screen not working at all