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Promode camera

(Topic created on: 13/11/19 02:27)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

Hello, hope my msg. will end up in samsung development team. Was wondering why there are not presets in promode camera area? With presets I could set one up just for my house, I mean light are always the same, now I have to readjust it every time. Pls. Somebody tell this to samy devel. team :smiling-face:

Galaxy Note10 Series

I second that, this is a really great proposal, to be able to actually SAVE our own pro-mode settings.

And why not, be able to add it as a shortcut on homescreen for fast access to this preset.


Other things camera needs :

- ultra-wide angle in pro-mode

- ISO increase (automode is able to A1250, why are we only able ISO800 when setting manually the ISO ?)

- Limitation of 10 sec pro-mode shutter speed : increase this

- Be able to set brightness default for auto mode shooting (minor 1 or 2 steps for example). I always have to lower it one or two steps and it bothers me to not be able to set this by default because i have to click on screen before the rule appears. The default brightness is too high.

- Add a "Sport Mode" : by default, camera sets the lowest ISO as possible, then set shutter speed. But sometimes especially outdoor, when a subject is moving, we need to be able to get a faster shutter speed. This sport mode could provide higher shutter speed and then set the ISO to whatever is needed. Speed priority.

- Astrophotography ...


And because we can dream :

- get the manual focus back for videos

- allow for locking exposure in video mode to avoid the ugly brightness variations when spanning from dark to light areas


and probably more ... !

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Galaxy Note10 Series

This idea about saving presets is in my head for 2-3 years, I thougt that some others apps have this but didn't find any.

They sure could add so much more to camera and stop wasting time on gimicks like waving with pen, emoji etc.