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Note 10+ 5G real battery duration

(Topic created on: 18-10-2019 04:36 PM)
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Galaxy Note10 Series

I have another week before going to the shop and give back this phone.

I really like it but the battery is letting me down.


I have deactivated a lot of fuctions that personally don't use. I lose 1% battery every 35 min more of less in standby.


Optimal power mode is on, night mode is on, always on display off.


Below my current usage and battery being in the office with WiFi only and WiFi calling (no cellular as test)


How long your battery last? It is me that I'm facing this issue or is common? On Reddit I've been reading of people complaining too.


Please share your truly experience.




Galaxy Note10 Series

I have also found the life of the battery quite disappointing. No different than my Note 9.

The battery on the Note 10 plus is bigger so it should last longer - in theory. What was the point of removing the 3.5mm jack then? Not that I really need one since I now use the Galaxy Buds, but Samsung removed it to make room for a bigger battery - so they say. So far I have not found the advantages. 

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Galaxy Note10 Series

Battery life is a subjective topic.


I'm using a Note 10+ 5G too and typically get 2-3 days usage time.


I do not have any power saving toggled On.


My phones settings etc will be different to yours.


I will have different apps to you and those will most likely have different preference settings.


I'm not a gamer.


My Network Signal is pretty good in most places I visit so the phones not having to work harder to maintain connection.


I turn my phone Off overnight.


I'll have different usage habits to you.


Have you put the phone in Safe Mode and then see what happens with your battery stats.


Samsung removed the 3.5mm jack to make room for a bigger battery although on the tear downs I've seen the jack port could have still been fitted so either they are making room for future additions too or they are following the trend of other phone manufacturers to remove the port and supply headphones with a USB-c connection / people buy an adapter to be able to use their own headphones etc and or people use bluetooth headphones etc.




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Galaxy Note10 Series

You've got three and a half hours of screen on time for 50% battery, that's not bad at all, maybe change the resolution to fhd rather than qhd..

Galaxy Note10 Series

I'm going to chip in here although I have 10 plus not 5g.

I always find battery is subjective no matter on brand or model. My last phone OnePlus 6 I would see/read about 7 hours plus SOT etc. Mine never reached that but I would come home from work at around 50% battery left, hour on charge till full ready for next day.

I shut off nothing, turn nothing down (screen brightness etc)

Let me describe my whatever phones working day:

Starts around 04:15 Wifi, Bluetooth and data on.

Location etc on

Connected to Plantronics voyager 5200.

Multipul - nemorus calls all day, I have been called the call center at work!

Countless emails, messages, Whatsapp 

Navigation used to and from work 45 min to an hour each way Mon-Fri - continual road problems daily

In other words high business use.

Home around 17:00 around 60%battery left on the charger for about an hour till full ready for the next day.

I could easily push to two days use,  but don't. 

So in all I think my ten plus does well, but I see others quoting 6,7 or plus SOT! To me SOT is nothing it's the constant daily use applicable to the user that is the real yard stick.

Joseph kariuki
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Galaxy Note10 Series

To my surprise I decided to go back to note 10 plus 5g last month.This is 2022 but I can comfortably tell you it's got better battery life than the note 20 ultra I had.

With good settings,I manage like 7 hours 40 minutes, which is basically 8 hours.Dont forget it's the exynos version.